We are proud to be Italian, but we look forward the international market, we are a nutraceutical company with the aim of improving people’s quality of life, offering them innovative solutions for their state of health. For this purpose, we carry out a scientific research program, with an important attention to the potential of our territory, as products of primary utility for the well-being of the organism. We study raw materials typical of the Mediterranean basin capable of supporting the nutrition specialist. This is how we managed to patent the Mediterranean nutraceuticals of the 100% Italian supply chain, enhancing the territory from which we come from end making it known all over the world.

Our Approach


We are supporters of Made in Italy, we enhance the Mediterranean excellence of our territory. Not only do we set ourselves the goal of making the most of Italian raw materials, but also of making them the subject of careful scientific research to ensure their correct transformation into nutraceuticals.

Italian supply chain

Our production chain is 100% Italian. We research and select the best producers of raw materials that guarantee a high standard of quality to minimize phyto-contaminants. We follow and check very phase of the product transformation process up to its commercialization.

Scientific evidence

The production of each product is supported by careful scientific research and clinical studies that confirm the safety of our nutraceuticals on people’s well-being. The choice of each raw material meets to these precise scientific criteria, so we are able to intervene on the quality of our products.

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