Esserre Pharma stars a digitalization of internal and external processes

This new mindset will open up new challenges and opportunities and contribute to the launch on the market of a new professional figure.

Promote the development of a digital culture within the company, expand people’s skills and curiosity for innovation, generate new ideas to be applied to the business: these are the bases Esserre Pharma, has decided to take a digital transformation path that will see the birth of a new professional figure to support nutrition specialists in face to face approach.

Young, smart and increasingly digital, Esserre Pharma has an approach that focuses on research, innovation and security to be competitive and successful also on international markets. The Digital Transformation program aims to prepare the company for market changes and project it towards the future, embracing the challenges that the i-tech world brings.

Specifically, particular attention will be paid to:

  • The facilitation of internal processes
  • The enhancement of the nutritionist and other health professionals, through correct scientific information for the creation of a network between professionals and between them and the company
  • The training of a professional nutraceutical expert to support the work of nutrition specialists

All Esserre Pharma’s activities, from research to marketing, from the organizational flow to the field force planning, are driven by the desire to pursue constant innovation, capable of producing results in terms of production quality and support in the management of the patient during his nutritional journey. The idea of ​​innovation on which the company is born and developed is intrinsically OPEN. The scientific research model is the result of constant dialogue with all the players in the system.

“Digital innovation is an essential strategic component in Esserre Pharma for its ability to be a competitive lever for business”, explains the CEO of the company Amedeo Squillace. “To be competitive – continues Squillace – companies must constantly strive towards open innovation which today is no longer an option, but an inevitable change to start. For this reason, in Esserre Pharma, we have always created the ideal conditions to facilitate approach and openness to the digital world “.

The digital transformation path will be decisive in order to give value to Esserre Pharma’s projects and will become the distinctive and characterizing trait of the entire company.