The National Meeting of Esserre Pharma has just ended. Every six months the entire organization gets together to see the results and the progress of the company.

More than ever, this event has been an important occasion to meet with the different teams and to introduce the new Nutra Advisors to the company and the colleagues.

Covid-19 and the resulting social distancing transform any occasion of face to face communication into an exception. The National Meeting gives us a chance to strengthen old relationships and build new ones in a safe environment. In full compliance with the safety regulations issued by the Government, the event was held in two sessions: the first in Catania, Sicily exclusively for the team of southern Italy and, the second, in Rome for the colleagues coming from the centre of Italy.

In both occasions, the digital tools were crucial for the success of the event, making possible the interactions between the Nutra Advisor and the corporate team to see the growth of the company in the last seven months of 2020. Moreover, the meeting was essential to introduce the new members of the team brought to the company through a new recruitment process developed during the lockdown.

To improve recruitment practices, the Human Resource Department required a video presentation in addition to the CV. This offered the opportunity to candidates to show the digital and communication skills, that are so significant in the role of the Nutra Advisor. The new process was a success. Many video were sent to the company, proving that this new way of recruiting should be maintained for future campaigns.

The future is uncertain, especially with an increase in the number of cases in Italy. However, the National Meeting showed us that we have the tools and capabilities to face the future and achieve our goals.