Esserre Pharma, a global leader in Mediterranean nutraceuticals, had a strong footprint at the 2022 edition of Vitafoods Europe held in Geneva, the most important event for the world of nutraceuticals.


Vitafoods Europe started in 1997 with the idea of creating an event that offers companies the opportunity to showcase their products and participants the possibility to attend in-depth scientific sessions in a rapidly expanding sector. At the first edition of Vitafoods Europe, there were 100 exhibitors and 1.200 visitors in an area of 2.500 m2. Twenty-two years later, the 2019 edition of Vitafoods Europe welcomed more than 1.250 exhibitors in 23.000 m2 and had more than 25.000 visitors from over 120 countries worldwide.

The 2022 event was held in hybrid mode, both face-to-face and online, thus offering those who were unable to attend in person the opportunity to participate remotely at the various sessions. This year, there were 15.251 participants (an increase of 39% over last year) from over 130 countries. Vitafoods Europe is thus the ideal venue for networking, collaboration, and innovation for all those operating in the nutraceutical field.

Precisely because of the possibilities for exchange, collaboration, and new business, Esserre Pharma had a dedicated exhibition stand at the event with the aim not only of expanding commercial relations with new partners and widening borders, but also to spread the value of Mediterranean nutraceuticals, in which scientific research, territorial enrichment, and selection of high-quality materials come together in the name of sustainability to improve the health of consumers.