The Covid-19 emergency has left us with an important lesson: living without digital is almost impossible. The lockdown taught us, delegating all our social and professional relationships to the network. In this scenario, Esserre Pharma has decided to undertake its own digitalization process.

“The digital transformation path of Esserre Pharma is at the center of the strategy of a company that was born in 2013 and, therefore, the digital mindset it’s already in its DNA. Unlike more structured companies that have had to adapt to a new way of thinking. It is therefore the execution of a strategy, rather than adaptation to an increasingly widespread need in the life science industry.” so Amedeo Squillace, CEO of Esserre Pharma, comments on the company’s digitalization process.

“Our strength lies precisely in the speed of execution and in the agility of a structure, favored by tools, processes and information sharing exclusively on digital platforms. Obviously all this would not be possible without the people (the average age in the company is 33 years) and the common digital culture that goes from the young Leadership to the Nutra Advisors, the new role of scientific representative who manages all communication and customer relationships with digital tools and platforms “.

After months of social media efforts, webinars and networking with nutritionist, today we are consolidating our digital presence with the launch of a new corporate website ( Created in collaboration with Alecsandria Digital Agency, which has already operated in the pharmaceutical sector, the Esserre Pharma site is built to tell the story of our company, our scientific results and our future projects to an Italian and international public.

Esserre Pharma and the network of nutrition specialist

The launch of the new company website, aimed at creating online visibility on the international market, is an important milestone in our digitalization process, which began before and continue, during the lockdown. Although remotely, we have remained alongside the nutritionists and experts in the sector to whom we communicate our products through training webinars, content sharing and information projects of all kinds through our digital platform Our aim has always been to create a network of nutritionist, so that we can get to know better their work and improve our products accordingly.

“The Covid-19 emergency has only represented a moment of acceleration of this mindset and way of operating at all levels: from increased productivity thanks to smart-working, which will remain constant in Esserre Pharma to contacts with doctors who, in addition to F2F, it will continue to be digital for anyone who requests it. The launch of the portal during the pandemic and, now, that of a new corporate site, represent the main points of contact for our omnichannel strategy aimed at both healthcare professionals in Italy and various international partners”.