With unique Mediterranean ingredients to fight the imperfections of cellulite


Fight the imperfections of cellulite and favor microcirculation and drainage of liquids, thus helping to relieve swelling and regain natural hydration and elasticity of the skin. These are the benefits of Flomel® Gel Cream thanks to the properties of Mediterranean ingredients such as bromelain, blood orange extract, opuntia gel (prickly pear gel), menthyl lactate, and vitamin E.


What is cellulite?

Cellulite, more correctly defined as edematous-fibrosclerotic panniculopathy, is a disease involving adipose tissue that affects about 90% of women. It is caused by poor circulation in small blood vessels that are present in the layer of fat beneath the skin, the adipose panniculus. In this condition, blood tends to stagnate in the circulatory system of adipose tissue and, due to pressure, the liquid part, or plasma, escapes through the vessel walls and spreads into the space between subcutaneous fat cells. This phenomenon causes the formation of swelling (edema), inflammation, and, especially in the legs causes a sense of heaviness and pain. Due to insufficient drainage of liquids trapped in tissues and poor oxygenation linked to circulatory difficulties, a fibrotic process is triggered that causes the alterations responsible for the typical “orange peel” appearance of the skin.


How to eliminate cellulite

To fight cellulite, it is essential to intervene by acting on edema, improve blood circulation, and counteract inflammation.

These multiple actions are carried out by Flomel® Gel Cream, not only on legs, but also on hips and abdomen thanks to the synergistic action of its components.

  • Bromelain exerts anti-inflammatory, anti-edema, and proteolytic activity, and is particularly useful to improve microcirculation and counteract water retention, and therefore cellulite;
  • Blood orange (Citrus sinensis) is rich in phytonutrients which, in addition to anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-aging action on the skin, have a significant slimming/reducing effect thanks to a decrease in the accumulation of fat;
  • Opuntia gel (prickly pear gel) increases the antioxidant capacity of cell membranes, has moisturizing activity, and significantly reduces the onset of redness.
  • Menthyl lactate helps to reduce the feeling of heaviness and swelling, giving a pleasant and cooling effect to the skin.
  • Vitamin E (tocopherol acetate) has powerful antioxidant activity that is capable of blocking the production of free radicals, thus protecting the skin from aging and keeping it healthy and elastic.


A targeted protocol

In cases where more intensive action against cellulite and edema is needed, a “shock protocol” lasting 1 month is recommended. This involves taking Flomel® 500 in sachets, in combination with Flomel® Gel Cream, in order to maximize the action of the two products in decreasing extracellular water, fat mass, leg and hip circumference, and improve skin hydration and elasticity.

Flomel® Gel Cream complements the range of products in the Flomel® line, which were all developed and designed to fight inflammation and edema. All Flomel® line products are available in pharmacies.