Soft tissue inflammation and edema are two factors responsible for the etiology and persistence of many common ailments such as those caused by surgical wounds, trauma, burns, joint pain, reduced lymphatic drainage, water retention, cellulite, which can affect both young and elderly people.

What it does?

Bromelain is a set of enzymes extracted from the pineapple stalk, its anti-edema, anti-inflammatory soft tissue and antithrombotic properties of which are highlighted by numerous clinical studies published in the international scientific literature.

Flomel: 2400 GDU/g – 500GDU/tbl
1 tablet: 208mg
2 tablet: 416 mg

Flomel 500: 2500GDU/g.
Per 3g: 500mg – 1250 GDU
Per 100g: 41666 GDU

Take 1 or 2 tablet of Flomel preferbly in an empty stomach
Take 1 sachet of Flomel 500 in an empty stomach
Gluten free

Some interesting details

GDU of Flomel 500 per sachet
GDU of Flomel per tablet
of pieces sold in 2019 vs 2018

Who is Flomel for?

  1. subjects with swelling and heaviness in the legs
  2. subjects with problems of reduced lymphatic and venous drainage
  3. subject with oedema of the arms, hands, face
  4. subjects with sinusitis and cooling disorders and mucus accumulation (sore throat, otitis)
  5. Subjects Patient with minor surgical trauma (e.g. dental, cosmetic, dermatological surgery)


  1. Fights inflammation
  2. Reduces excess liquids
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