These are the three cornerstones around which Esserre Pharma business revolves, highlighted in a new corporate video.



Founded in 2013 and now present in 28 countries around the world with 5 product lines, Esserre Pharma is a proud Italian company that operates in the nutraceutical sector. Our aim is to improve people’s quality of life by proposing innovative solutions that optimize the overall state of health. To achieve this goal, Esserre Pharma makes the most of Mediterranean products, placing them at the center of thoughtful scientific research aimed at ensuring a correct transformation into nutraceuticals and sustainability.

The high quality of raw materials, ensured by careful selection of the best Italian producers, translates into high quality and safety of the final product, thanks to in-depth scientific research and clinical studies that document the benefits of the nutraceuticals developed on well-being. The development process is followed scrupulously at every stage up to commercialization.

«The upstream idea of our company was to enhance the wealth and the potential of a territory in the Mediterranean basin», according to Dr. Amedeo Squillace, Director of Esserre Pharma. «To achieve this goal, we strongly believed in the importance of applying the scientific method, thanks to which we understand the true market potential for natural substances and molecules that are not fully explored. The path followed – Dr. Squillace continues – starts, from research, passes from development, and reaches industrialization and distribution in large volumes». Combining these aspects was the basis of defining a successful strategy.

«Beyond the pride as a company for having been able to enhance our territory, an important and very relevant aspect, in light of the difficulties related to the geopolitical crisis created by the war in Ukraine, but also during the Covid-19 pandemic, is relaunching the possibilities offered by the Italian territory. The issue of rethinking supply chains and relocation to Italy, instead of relocation to other countries, becomes strategic», Dr. Squillace underlines. It is interesting to remember that, according to data from a survey by the Federsalus Study Center, during the lockdown 59% of companies producing supplements had difficulties in obtaining raw materials. «Our company, thanks to the choice of having an Italian production chain, did not have this problem», he added.

Esserre Pharma‘s vision, in which science meets sustainability, renders the company dedicated to the well-being of people with an eye for “Made in Italy”.