NutraMet® Fibra

NutraMet® Fibra

Food supplement containing soluble wheat fiber which does not lead to swelling, 100% natural with a high level of tolerability
  • Prebiotic effect
  • Reduce post-prandial glycemia
  • Increase sense of satiety


  • 20 sachet of 8 g each
  • 240 g jar
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NutraMet® Fibra is a food supplement based on completely soluble and tasteless fiber, consisting of resistant dextrins derived from wheat (non-digestible carbohydrates), gluten-free, with very high digestive tolerability.

Fiber is essential component of the diet, which provides numerous health benefits such as equilibrium of bacterial flora in the intestine. NutraMet® Fibra is indicated to supplement the daily intake of fiber and helps you reach fiber requirements as part of a varied and balanced diet. The consumption of food or drinks containing non-digestible carbohydrates, of which NutraMet® Fibra is composed, is associated with a lower increase in blood glucose after their intake compared to foods or drinks containing digestible carbohydrates.



  • Prebiotic effect: modulates and increases the effectiveness of Bacteroides
  • Reduces the post-prandial glycemic response: lowers the glycemic (25%) and insulinemic (13%) response
  • Increased sense of satiety: a metabolic effect, not a mechanical effect


Ingredients: Wheat starch dextrin (Triticum aestivum L.), partially hydrolyzed.


How to use: Take 1-2 sachets or 2-4 level scoops of NutraMet® Fibra per day, depending on your needs, at any time of the day. Dissolve the product in a glass of still water (200 ml) or other drink (juice, milk, fruit juice), and mix thoroughly. NutraMet® Fibra can also be added to yogurt, homogenized fruit, smoothies, or other hot and cold dishes as desired.

Additional information: Without sugar or sweeteners – Preservative free – Lactose free – Gluten free – Low Fodmap certified


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