Redulen® is the new line of nutraceuticals from Esserre Pharma base on Mediterranean extracts. The new line of products are available to both nutritionists and consumers and are used to maintain normal levels of metabolic parameters such as blood sugar (the amount of sugar in the blood) and cholesterol (the concentration of cholesterol in the bloodstream).

Redulen® colesterolo (Cholesterol) and Redulen® glycemia (Glycemia) are food supplements based on the use of ingredients from the Mediterranean, including extracts from bergamot, lemon, orange, and Opuntia ficus (the prickly pear plant).

The preparation and production of these new nutraceuticals is rigorously carried out in Italy and is characterized by a particularly short supply chain, given that Esserre Pharma uses only Italian suppliers with the highest quality standards, with whom it works directly.

The ingredients in Redulen® Colesterolo and Redulen® Glicemia were selected based on in-depth scientific research on their biological properties and actions.

Both innovative formulations contain active ingredients from the Mediterranean that act in synergy.

In addition to bergamot, an extract used by Esserre Pharma for decades, other ingredients have been added to add value not only in terms of innovation, but also effectiveness.

The prickly pear, in particular, has been at the center of studies by Esserre Pharma. Redulen®colesterolo contains these two active ingredients in the form of Brumex® and Nopalis®, two exclusive and patented Esserre Pharma extracts.

Vitamin B1 and phytosterols (plant sterols) complete the product since they are useful in maintaining normal blood cholesterol levels, efficient energy metabolism, and normal heart function.

Redulen® glicemia is a supplement based on Lemotrin®, an exclusive synergistic complex of flavonoids and chromium, which is useful in case of increased nutritional requirements or reduced dietary intake of these nutrients and to maintain normal levels of blood glucose.

Both products are patented and supported by scientific evidence.

Redulen® colesterolo is available in packs of 30 tablets, and the dosage is one tablet a day after dinner.

Redulen® glycemia is available in packs of 60 tablets, and the dosage is one tablet twice a day with main meals. Both products are available in pharmacies.