Editorial information in collaboration with Esserre Pharma

The battle against cardio-metabolic is a priority for all healthcare professionals. In this regard, nutrition specialists have a leading role, since their intervention is fundamental for both primary and secondary prevention.

To help nutritionists and their patients in the management of key metabolic parameters such as LDL cholesterol and blood sugar, Esserre Pharma has launched the innovative Redulen cardio-metabolic line. This unique line of products consists of two food supplements based on natural extracts with Mediterranean origin: the first, Redulen Cholesterol, helps to maintain normal blood cholesterol levels, and the second, Redulen Glycemia helps to control blood glucose levels.

The preparation and production of these new nutraceuticals is rigorously carried out in Italy and is based on a particularly short supply chain. Esserre Pharma has chosen only Italian suppliers with the highest production quality standards, with which the company is in direct contact.

Redulen Cholesterol contains Brumex (a unique phytocomplex of Mediterranean bergamot), Nopalis (exclusive extract from prickly pear cladodes – Opuntia Ficus Indica), Vitamin B1, and Phytosterols.
Redulen Glycemia has a formula based on Lemotrin (an exclusive synergistic complex of flavonoids) and chromium. An international patent has been filed for both products, which are the result of years of meticulous scientific research.

Characteristics of Redulen Cholesterol

The functional components of Redulen Cholesterol help to maintain normal cholesterol levels. Bergamot extract (Citrus bergamia), in particular, is rich in many types of flavonoids (such as neoeriocitrin, neoesperidin, naringin, brutieridin, and melitidin) which, as demonstrated by clinical studies, lead to a reduction in cholesterol synthesis, possible biliary excretion, and a reduction in intestinal absorption. In Opuntia, and especially in the leaves of the prickly pear, called cladodes, there are polyphenols (phenols, flavonoids, betaxanthines, betacyanins) that act on pathways involved in the metabolism of cholesterol, as documented in scientific studies.

“The innovative aspect of Redulen Cholesterol lies in having combined, for the first time, two natural extracts, that from bergamot and that from Opuntia, and in having confirmed their synergistic action which leads to the reduction of ‘bad’ cholesterol and other cardiovascular risk factors”, explains Costanza Riccioni, R&D Manager of Esserre Pharma.

Properties of Redulen Glycemia

“There was considerable innovation in the process that led us to Redulen Glycemia: we developed Lemotrin, a complex based on extracts from natural lemon and orange that are rich in flavonoids and anthocyanins, and combined this with chromium”, Riccioni continues.

In addition to antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities, flavonoids have been shown to improve the carbohydrate profile in numerous clinical studies. Chromium promotes maintenance of normal blood glucose levels.

“Today, the consumer is looking for products that are produced from shorter, more controlled and sustainable supply chains,” according to Amedeo Squillace, CEO of Esserre Pharma. “The new Redulen line embodies these values and is a valid example of a circular economy in which its nutraceutical ingredients are derived from the recovery of citrus by-products”.