Mood changes are often characterized by disturbances in sleep quality and quantity. Often these mild disorders increase the state of stress and anxiety in the patient, which, in some cases, can lead to the adoption of incorrect eating behaviour or interruption of the diet.

What it does?

Samex has a unique and patented formulation of two organic molecules produced by our body,
S-adenosyl-l-methionine (amino acid) and Melatonin (hormone) which physiologically perform important functions for our health and which prove safe and effective in modulating mood and circadian rhythm.

24 gastric coated tablet
Take 1 tablet per day at the night, preferably away from meals
Gluten free

Some interesting details

of pieces sold in 2019 compared with previous year
of S-Adenosil-L-Metionina

Who is Samex for?

  1. Patient with a slight drop in mood and disturbances in the quality and quantity of sleep
  2. Patient with difficulty falling asleep, with frequent nighttime awakenings or with early awakening
  3. Patient with difficulty in maintaining proper eating behavior due to stress / anxiety / sleep disturbances


  1. Improves sleep quality
  2. Improves mood tone
  3. Improves diet compliance

Composition patent n. 102016000080839

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