Esserre Pharma launches a “virtual” Consensus Meeting of experts on the identification and the management of the metabolically-obese

11th June 2020 at 6 pm

Participants: Dr. Raffaele Mancini – Dr. Arrigo Cicero – Dr. Michela Barichella – Dr. Stefania Agrigento

Often the reason why an overweight patient turns towards a doctor or a nutritionist is to improve his conditions for aesthetic matter, while overweight is one of the main risk factors for complications related to the cardiovascular system. Not only does the overweight condition hide other factors, but it also increases the risks related to the health of the heart and arteries.

To tackle this theme, Esserre Pharma organised and moderated an Advisory Board with experts on the argument: “The management of overweight patient related to the use of nutraceuticals”. The first session was held on 29th February and focused on the identification of the type of patient that can draw greater benefits from treatment with nutraceuticals. When concluding, all the participants agreed upon the fact that nutritional supplements stand out as an excellent option to be included in a strategic framework of primary prevention when coupled with means like a correct diet and athletic activity.

The second session was held on 11th June and had the particularity to be fully online, due to Covid-19 restrictions. The experts met to conclude the work they had started. The result uf the two event is a consensus document about the clinical practice on the identification and management of metabolically-obese patient and the type of intervention through a preventive approach on the risk factors related to chronic diseases. In front of biologists and nutritionists, the members of the Board dealt with the argument to reach a unanimous consensus on the management of the metabolically obese subject. This second phase had a focus on the nutraceutical products, their characteristics and the benefits for the patient.

The Consensus document will be soon online and available for HCP to download.