Proud to be Italian, but with an eye towards the International market, we are a company operating in the Nutraceutical sector with the aim of improving the quality of life, offering innovative solutions to optimise health. To reach this goal we are constantly investing time and resources on scientific research with a major focus on all the makings of our land, which offers products of primary benefits for the well-being of the body. This is how we succeeded in patenting nutraceuticals based on a fully traceable Italian supply chain that gives value to its original land, bringing its benefits into the whole world.

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Our Approach


Made in Italy is what we believe in and we want to give value to the Mediterranean excellences of our land. This means that not only we aim for maximazing the best Italian raw material, but we also invest in a careful scientific research to guarantee the correct trasformation into a nutraceutical product. We know the healthy makings of the Mediterranean products and we intent to export these on the international market.

Short supply chain

Our production and value chains are 100% Italians. We control the quality of our products by reviewing and selecting carefully the raw materials from the start with an iron discipline. Our R&D department takes care of studying and researching the natural molecules inducing a healthy function for our body. This allows for the production to start with a considerate selection of the material from the first step. The quality of raw material, as well as the quality of the final product, are our priority. We work towards the reduction of phyfitcontaminants to the minimum and towards nutraceuticals that do not present side effects on the patient, due to the potential presence of pesticides or similar.

Evidence Based

The production of our products is supported by specific scientific research and by clinical studies that certify the safetyof our nutraceuticals on the wellbeing of people. Our choice of raw material is based on the results of these definite scientific requirements. In this way, we are enhancing the quality of our products from the beginning.

We’re certified ISO 9001:2015

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